Women who do the most difficult thing daily – WORK

Being a working woman and a parent of a child, it’s quite tenacious to balance out your life. At work, you are always worried about your child and his after school activities. Also if a husband whose work frequently takes him away from home it gets difficult to coordinate.

Why Peace of Mind?

Because life becomes easy and simplified. You don’t have to ask “Where are you?” You even don’t have to be a helicopter parent, you can just check on the app when it’s been an extended period of time and hasn’t heard from them.While driving sometimes it gets distracted to take up calls, with Orahi – Peace of Mind you don’t have to take calls or text back. People in your group can see your location and can get your updates automatically

Orahi – Peace of Mind

For: All those women who do the most difficult thing daily – WORK and MANAGE the house.

What to do?

  • Download Orahi app & go to Peace of Mind.
  • Create a Group named “Family, Kids”
  • Add Member to the group,( Husband, Daughter, Son )
  • Add Places i.e your Home, School, Playfield & Office etc
  • Switch on Entry/Exit alerts for these places & Make sure your people have the Orahi app as well.

Now stay connected everywhere


  • Get Notification history for each and every member.
  • Built in SOS feature, for an emergency.

Download the app: https://ec62.app.link/ICapS4fprF

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