‘Orahi-Z’ – the safest way to commute!

Orahi has been making your rides comfortable and simpler for the past 4 years now. You trusted us and made us 1.5 Lakh member community.

To make our relationship stronger, we are launching Orahi- Z

Special carpool for Female riders, which will make their rides hassle free. No more waiting for cabs, no more surge fee, no more security issues while traveling. Now get flexible options for your morning and evening rides. We will introduce you to new groups and your choice will be only to select a group to travel with!

Here’s what we are offering in Orahi Z :

  1. Always travel with a female co-passenger.
  2. Safest way to commute with like-minded people
  3. Pay less than Rs 3.5/km on every ride.
  4. In case of emergency, send SOS alerts to your contacts.
  5. Notify your family and friends while traveling on the route to your Home/Office.
  6. Travel with 3 tier verified carpool buddies.

All this in Rs.99/month!

And most of all, if you don’t get rides; you will get your MONEY BACK. No questions asked!
Your commute is now Z-secure!


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